So one reason why I want to start a food blog is so that I can get around to cooking foods that I have not prepared before. To push myself to do this more often, each month I will place a list of fifteen dishes that I want to make. Obviously I’m not going to get around to cooking them all each month, but hopefully it will give me a little bit more of an incentive to try one or two. Any suggestions for recipes to try for the following would certainly be welcomed.

I realise it is a bit of a random collection, but then I generally do like a lot of different cuisines…

Pad Thai

Lemon Risotto


Swedish Cinnamon Buns



Coq au Van

Thai Green Curry

Devilled Eggs


Bircher Muesli

Meat Cobbler

Poached Eggs (I  know! But my partner always makes them…)


Fish Pie.