I am an almost 30 part-time lecturer and medieval historian. Currently my partner and I are living in the North East, after living in Norwich for four years. Missing East Anglia, but enjoying the area and our new home muchly!

I’ve been wanting to start a food blog for ages, and have finally got around to it. At the moment it’s taking a little while to get this into a shape that I like, but hopefully it will improve looks wise at some point in the near future!

I’m using the blog so as to improve my cooking skills and range, and hopefully meet some other peeps interested in great food! I love all kinds of food, and enjoy trying new things/experiences. Although I’m not the neatest of cooks, I can promise that everything posted here will always have a lot of flavour! Any feedback is welcome!




2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey!

    Saw the crumpets recipe and got curious so figured I’d stop by and say hi. By all means, do keep up the blogging, I like your writing style – and though there is a lot of food writing on the internet, not all of it is pleasant to read or any good.

    P.S. Will try the crumpets.

    – Veronika

    • Hey!
      Thanks for stopping by and for your message which is definitely encouraging. Food blogging is certainly new to me, but I’m enjoying it! And let us know how the crumpets go – it’s quite a basic recipe but I think they’re good and v.cheap.

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